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Are you ready to bring a new life to the world?

Friendship, love, courtship, and marriage alone don’t define the perfect time to have your own baby in a baby carriage. Kids always seem to be cute and loving to everybody in the world but the main question that arises is “Are you ready to have your own child”. To become parents both the partners have to prepare and plan out together whether they both are physically and emotionally ready for a baby. Bearing a child is not a spontaneous decision. Rather such resolutions should never be made under the pressure of family or society. It is very important for both partners to be confident to have a child. There are various points to ponder that would boost up your strength in regard to parenthood.

Healthy Me

Mother’s health is one of the most important aspects of all. When pregnant, a would-be mother has to go through regular prenatal sessions with an experienced gynecologist. Later during the end of pregnancy, the schedule minimizes to once or twice a week basis the health of mother and child. Mother has to take utmost care of her and the tiny life in her womb. A balanced and nutritious diet with a tension-free mind is a promoter of healthy life.

Economic freedom

Everybody dreams to give a grand welcome to the newborn child. This can be a costly life experience for some. So another subsequent point to render your thought is the financial stability to afford a child at a particular moment. Having an eye on the costs of having a child can save a child to be deprived of the basic amenities required at the time of birth. To give it a solution, the market is flooded with various health insurance plans that cover prenatal care and pregnancy. Some of the plans are purely cashless; they have entirely taken off the tension of the cost of pregnancy. Their documentation process is also very easy which makes the moment of childbirth heartwarming and tensionless.

Restructure the space

At the birth of the child, the next factor that needs your concern is your present living condition. Even though mothers always prefer to be with the newborn baby for the entire day and night in the same chamber but at the same time, it is very important to reorganize your present living state for a healthy, safe, and secure surrounding for the newborn member in the family. Tiny apartments might be the right option till the time baby is young but this topic would need reconsideration once the baby grows up.

Confident father

Women have to be sure of their partner’s readiness for being a father as well. Converse and share your parenting goals with your spouse. A child’s birth should be an instance of excitement and pleasure for both partners at the same time. When you are preparing yourself to be a mom, you need to give serious thought to whether your loving partner bears the same belief regarding parenthood as you do and would also be a great parent because only being in love with him is not a sufficient role of the father while planning out pregnancy. There are chances when you can have unexpected pregnancy in some cases as well but make sure to welcome your child happy in every situation. Take out some time and prepare your mind and body for your next role in life.

Realistically Honest

Families and partners think that giving birth to a child can fix the problem between the parents. When simply handling the marriage is not easy for both the partners then assuming a tiny tot to sort out everything in their relationship will be the biggest mistake of life. In this case, the situation remains the same but not you have a baby to take care of.

Career Liberation

Parents are not needed to sacrifice their personal life Parenthood changes the priorities and interests in life by bringing change in the relationship and nature of duties on both personal and professional front therefore the best part lies in re-evaluating your priority list to have a nourishing relationship altogether. Women are the best managers in every phase of life. They have the capacity to handle career and child.

Spontaneity takes a backseat

Babies don’t have a prescribed to-do list. Without sacrificing your personhood make yourself ready for spontaneous decisions. You have to prioritize your thoughts and tasks related to your child and put other thoughts at the secondary level. Ask yourself if you are ready to give the desired attention and comfort to your kid by putting down your chance of freaking out.

Helping Hands- Parents are your mentors

It would not be wrong to phrase that Babies don’t come with an instruction booklet. Take the guidance of healthcare professionals and child care books for best practices to be followed to have sound health of the child. Talking to your parents and sharing their experiences also helps in intensifying your energy level to embrace your mommy role.

What may be the reason for your pregnancy be it planned or a surprise….Your life will never remain the same.**

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