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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am an Indian Studying in Australia or any other country. Can I pay in INR?
Yes, You may choose to pay in INR and save the conversion charges. Moreover, you will get less per page price as compared to other students. However, INR conversion will always be on the basis of USD not in any other currency.
I need only 5 pages of work but expert is charging a high price. Why?
Expert always looks for the requirements to give you a quotation. Some assignments like Business Management, Physics, Mathematics, Programmings and any assignment which requires analysis, calculations, research etc. can not be quoted as a number of words or pages. It requires effort from the expert which is not possible to signify while giving a quotation. Students should go through the requirements and check if your assignment only requires a report or any other specific thing as well. Sometimes, a Written report depends upon the technical work, an expert needs to do, without any technical work reports can not be written. In this type of cases, you are getting charged for both.
What about price/page? It shows me $8/page but you are charging me high price.
You have asked a reasonable question. Thank you so much for this. Let us clarify. $8/page or $9/page is a real price. However, this may only be offered to those students, who need help in thesis, dissertation or a report in more than 30 pages. For less number of pages, per page price may vary depending upon what kind of work an expert will have to do.
How can I connect regarding any query/ assignment?
You have an option to connect with your chosen expert directly through the “Connect with Expert. In case they are not available on live chat. You may also request “Call Back”. so our team can connect with you.
What about Privacy?
We strictly follow the data privacy policy; you and your identity is always safe and protected
Is payment safe?
As the payments are through PayPal gateway so no reason for any fraud or scam and are 100% safe and secure
Will I be able to speak to the expert?
We do understand that students want to speak to the expert to make sure that they are legitimate and capable enough to work on their assignments. To make this possible, every expert will be available on live chat to help you out. However if in any case, a particular expert is not available, then another expert will help you out and you may use connect with expert option available in your account. You will be kept in the loop every time for any help.
Is there any guarantee about marks?
We do understand your concern about passing your assignment or getting high grades. Our expert always keeps in mind while writing your assignment. They maintain 100% quality and fulfil the whole requirement without any miss. This always helps student getting good marks and higher grades. However, We never commit to marks or grades as every professor or expert has different expertise and mindset.
Do I have to pay for my assignment help?
We have the best professional experts with us. They do charge you for your assignment but it would minimum price possible. You may start your work by paying partial payment or full payment.
What kind of Experts or writers do GetYourAssignmentHelp has?
We never discriminate against students on the basis of what price they have paid for an assignment. We have only premium experts to offer. We never hire such experts who have less knowledge.
Why to choose
We have professional experts that too the best ones from every industry including PhD Experts with 10 + years of experience offering assignments help. We only have premium experts to offer. Experience our service to believe in us.
How do I make sure my work will get complete on time?
Our professional writers always make sure that they complete your work well before the due date. So that you may get a chance to go through the paper before submitting it. Experts will always notify you in advance if the work can be completed in the given time frame or not. So that you may take a decision.
This is first time I am here looking for help. How do I make sure, It's not fraud?
We do understand that you are coming to the website for the very first time however we are doing this business for a long time offline and online. For few dollars, we can not play with our reputation. We always look for more association with a student, So that we may generate more business.
How the price gets calculated for an assignment?
The price of an assignment always depends upon certain factors:- 1. Due date of an assignment 2. Number of pages or word counts 3. Requirement of any technical work, analysis, Graphs, calculations, Interviews and any other work which can not be calculated in word counts. Kindly note that the difficulty of an assignment or how much % of that assignment contributes, never determines the price.
Do I have to pay for the rework as well?
Our experts understand that you have already paid for your assignment but it was a mistake from the expert's end or your professor want some changes. So, They will do it free of cost without any extra charge. But make sure this condition applies till the time expert did not fulfil the requirement. In case your professor requires extra work to be done or a student request to add extra work, then the student will have to pay an extra amount depending upon the kind of work we need to add.
What if my work is not good will the expert do rework?
Our professional experts make sure that they provide you with 100% quality work, so you never require rework. However, if a student feels that they need to get a rework, then it will be given to you till the time you are satisfied.
How do we assign experts on a particular assignment?
Every assignment has a different requirement. It belongs to a different subject, different niche, class and difficulty level. As soon as a student submit an assignment detail on the website. Our Team analyze the requirements depending upon various factors which a student fills while submitting the details. Then they find the best possible expert, who will be the best match for the assignment and get you connected with them.
What is the qualifications of our experts?
Unlike other assignment help websites, we have all kind of experts, like PhD, Masters, Post Graduates, Graduates. We do have people who are professionals working in different organizations and helping students to complete their assignments like IT, Programming, Nursing, Java, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science etc. All of our experts are picked through various rounds of the interviews process to make sure they understand students assignment and fulfil their requirements thoroughly.
Why do we call ourselves number # 1 assignment help company?
GetYourAssignmentHelp possesses the best professional expert from around the world. They have outnumbered other experts in their particular subejcts. Our expert has a 99.2% satisfaction rate among students.

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Disclaimer 1.2: We are fully committed to providing refunds if the student fails any of the assignments. However, that should happen only if the expert has done any mistake or did not fulfil given requirements or quality or plagiarism concerns.

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