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Subject : Business Management


 Nike Inc. is an American Multinational company famous for making footwear and apparel related to them. It is very famous because of its brand value in the market as well. It is currently the largest supplier of sportswear in the world and many professional sportsmen and sportswomen pre

Subject : Political Science
Question: Political Science

 Global governance gets shaped through those growing tension. It takes place among the requirements in internationalizing as many rules and s willingness of the states in preserving and asserting control nationally. The balance between national sovereignty and global governance keeps changing constantly since powerful forces keep pushing within both simultaneous directions. Also, we are unable

Subject : Operations Management
Question: Operations Management


Operation management is a method of administration of any particular business. It is applied to form a business more efficient. This is a process that turns materials and effort in a business into goods and services as appropriately as it can. Keeping a balance between cost and revenue along with profit is another concern of the corporate industry. This management involves proper utilisation of materials, technology and labour in a

Subject : Essay
Question: Word Religion in Practice


The main purpose of this report is to discuss about the position of women in the modern India and the impact of Hinduism on the
social system that frequently leads to the wrong treatment of the women.

Subject : Law
Question: Business Law

Here the case of failure of domestic contracts has been seen. Mrs. Perera promises Mekala, the nanny of her baby to give $10 per horse basis, but in the 1st exceptional cases, when Mekalacooperate Mrs, Perera to work an extra 1 hour, Mekala clinging to her words and did her duty accordingly but she breached her promise and did not pay her extra salary. This break of contract got major legal s

Subject : Report
Question: Organization Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Organization Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibilities

The process of stakeholder management is closely connected to the concept of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) (

Subject : Management
Question: Performance Management System and Its Importance in Organization

Performance Management System and Its Importance in Organization


The purpose of this report is to study the concept of a performance management system and its importance to improve the performance and productivity of the organization.

Subject : Management


This report is going to provide some information about the management strategies of the Walmart corporation. In addition, the strategies following which the Walmart corporation usually sustains the global market competition will be described properly in this report. The impact of globalization, as well as the technology modification the aspect will al

Subject : Nursing
Question: Proper nursing uniform with the ways of exchanging it

Activity: Training session plan

Session topic/title- Proper nursing uniform with the ways of exchanging it

Subject : VR Technology and Cloud Computing at Workplace
Question: Report


The Waldorf School is known to be a school both technology as well as screens are not used completely till the eighth class and its application is also very less in the case of high school as well. However, the concerned school is recommended to integrate the use

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